Featured projects

ExpatKit is a mobile app for people relocating abroad, offering customized step-by-step guides and access to migration experts for any questions.


This project aimed to design a mobile shopping experience for Stitch, a fictional streetwear retailer, in a tight timeframe. The goal was to boost checkout conversions and offer a smoother, user-friendly customer experience.


This project focused on the design of a companion mobile application for smart inhalers. The primary aim was to design an intuitive, user-friendly interface that would enhance user experience and engagement, thereby encouraging regular use of smart inhalers and improving health outcomes.

Savr Recipes

This project was prepared during a modified version of a GV design sprint to quickly test out possible solutions for Savr Recipes, an imaginary new startup that wants to make it easier for people to cook great meals at home.

Made by me with lots of ☕️ and Framer.

Made by me with lots of ☕️ and Framer.